Below is listed the filmography for Sir Reel Pictures founder Tim Landry. Many of the other associated artists also worked on these films.

"Cinemagique" 70mm  Disney Theme Park film--Visual Effects Supervisor
"Snow Dogs" Disney--Visual Effects Supervisor
"Golden Dreams" 70mm  Disney Theme Park film--Visual Effects Supervisor
"Shanghai Noon" Spyglass--Visual Effects Supervisor
"The Sixth Sense" Spyglass--Digital Effects Supervisor
"George of the Jungle" Disney--Visual Effects Supervisor
"Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves" Disney--Visual Effects Supervisor
My Favorite Martian" Disney--Co-Visual Effects Supervisor
"Meet the Deedles" Disney--Visual Effects Supervisor
"Moses" TNT/Lube Mini-Series--Visual Effects Supervisor & 2nd Unit Director
"JAG" Paramount TV--Visual Effects Supervisor (entire1st Season)
"Dr. Jekyll & Ms Hyde" Savoy--Visual Effects Supervisor
"Alien Nation--Millenium" Fox TV--Visual Effects Supervisor
"The Crow" Miramax--Digital Effects Supervisor
"Earth 2" Amblin/Universal--Visual Effects Supervisor (1995 Emmy for VFX)
"The Mask" New Line Cinema--Digital Effects
"Coneheads" Paramount pictures--Digital Visual Effects
"The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." Warner Television--Visual Effects Supervisor
"Deadly Invasion" Fox TV film--Visual Effects Supervisor
"Freejack" Morgan Creek Prod.--Computer Graphics supervisor
"Fun Town" The Family Channel Children's Block Graphics Package--Director/Designer
"Outpost" CBS / Columbia Television Science Fiction Pilot--Visual Effects Supervisor
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" Paramount TV--Visual Effects
"Timestalkers" CBS TV / Fries Entertainment--Main Title Design
"Asimov's Probe" ABC TV / Universal--Visual Effects Supervisor
"Out of Time" Columbia Television MOW--Second Unit Director
"Twilight Zone" CBS TV--Visual Effects
"Byte the Bullet" Sir Reel Pictures comedy short (Winner CINE Golden Eagle)--Writer/Director
"Cabbages & Kings" Sir Reel Pictures short (Multiple Worldwide Awards)--Writer/Director
"Chapter 21" Sir Reel Pictures experimental short (Multiple Awards)--Designer/Director
"Airplane" Paramount Pictures--Visual Effects